Product History

Hemp History and Our Products 

Archeologists documented use of hemp beginning with stone-age man in an area stretching from northern Europe across the continents from Siberia to India, China and Southeast Asia.  Hemp also spread throughout the Middle East into Africa.    It has also been used as food and by some users in religious rituals because of its “magic”.
In 1937, the US Government made the cultivation of hemp in America illegal although the importation of hemp grown abroad was still allowed. This was a calculated move to make access to hemp more expensive so that the value of domestic crops such as cotton could compete in the textiles market.  However, hemp has managed to survive as a useful plant and its byproducts are used throughout America today.
Recent technological breakthroughs have created many new uses for hemp plants including the extraction of crucial essential oils that have been determined to promote cellular health. The recent discovery of the endocannabinoid system in the human body has made hemp essential oils a valuable commodity because they can access the cellular CB-1 and CB-2 receptors found throughout the body. By stimulating these receptors with natural hemp plant essential oils, a number of physiological functions in the nervous and immune systems may have a positive impact in body’s health. This has many known and unknown benefits as we are just beginning to understand the role of essential oils derived from hemp on the body.
State-of-the-art processes to extract Hemp Seed oil and Hemp Flower Essential Oil (HFEO) are at the core of every product we sell. The complex relationship of HFEO is simple yet highly structured molecules that give our products the ability to interact with the skin cells in a unique way to create a synergistic effect. The combination of organically grown hemp and the science of perfectly blending other natural plant herbs, spices, and essential oils creates the perfect powers of nature’s best and most potent elixir to strengthen and support healthy processes that come naturally when cells are healthy and vibrant.
We blend our products with the utmost care to not interrupt the natural delivery systems found in nature keeping natural synergies working in every product without interrupting the function designed by nature. This natural synergy is transferred to your skin and cells in the simplest forms of absorption. Our products are carefully pH balanced so your skin will love the natural ingredients and will be absorbed by your skin down to the sub-dermal layers.